MAS114: Numbers and Groups

Semester 2, 2019-2020

Lecturer: Dr Evgeny Shinder

This is the 2019-2020 course web page for MAS114: Numbers and Groups, Semester 2, which will be updated as the module progresses. For official course information, including timetabling, please consult the list of current modules.

(Note that information for the Semester 1 section of this module can be found at

Course Information

The lectures are taught in a blackboard style. Complete set of printed notes can be downloaded below. The majority of the course materials apearing here are the result of the hard work of Dr Sam Marsh who used to teach this module. I recommend to bring a hard copy of these to the lectures and the tutorials.

In Week 3 and Week 8 when I am away, we will have a guest lecturer Carina Geldhauser. Below are my written notes from the Friday lectures:

Office hours

I have office hours on Thu 3-4, Fri 12-1 in my office (J24, Hicks Building). No appointment necessary. I also have an open door policy which means that if I am in the office, and free, we can chat about mathematics.

Tutorial Classes

The worksheets used by the tutors in the tutorial classes are available below.

1Modular arithmetic
3Lost due to strike action
4Lost due to strike action
5Lost due to strike action
6Countability and permutations
Cycle decompositions parity and order

Coronavirus update

The University of Sheffield has cancelled all face to face tutorials, to be replaced by online teaching. You do not need to be present in Sheffield while online teaching takes place. Please check your e-mails for updates. My office hours will be on Skype; please e-mail me to schedule a 15 minute appointment slot.

Problem Booklet and Homeworks

The problem booklet for Semester 2, which in particular contain your homework questions, can be downloaded below. The problems should be attempted in work outside of classes. The solutions to the entire booklet will appear once all homeworks have been submitted, but for now, the following solutions document contains solutions to all non-homework problems.

Below are the details of which problems were set as homework. The homeworks should be submitted in the next week's tutorial on Tuesday.

Week Homework
1 Chapter 1, Q1

Online Tests

The online tests continue as in Semester 1. Please follow the link below. The tests will appear by Friday midday, and close on the following Thursday at 1 AM (that is, the night before the lecture).

Contact Details

Dr Evgeny Shinder
Room J24, Hicks Building