MAS439: Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

MAS6320: Algebra II

Semester 2, 2017/18, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield

My office hours: Monday, 11AM at J24. Please stop by if you have questions. You may also come at other times provided that I am in my office, and of course e-mail me if you have questions:

Notes: pdf

The chapters roughly correspond to the weeks of the semester. I also recommend the following excellent book: Atiyah-Macdonald, "Introduction to Commutative Algebra".

Weekly problem sets

The problems are assigned each week on Thursday and are due on Thursday next week: hand the solutions to me in the lecture, or put it in my pigeon hole in the Common room any time before the lecture. I adopt Paul Johnson's policy on the homework assignments. For instance you may discuss in small groups. Also in the cases when I don't quite understand something that you've written I may ask you to explain it to decide on the mark. If you need an extension, please ask for it. If the problems seem too hard, please talk to me, rather than complaining bitterly at the end of the semester questionnairs!

Two inspirational quotes

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” Albert Einstein

"As I get older, I realize being wrong isn't a bad thing like they teach you at school. It is an opportunity to learn something." Richard Feynman